Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is an innovative approach to instruction that combine online learning with traditional best practices to create a student centered model of learning.  In this model, part of student learning is placed online so that students have some control over their pace, place, time and path of their learning.  

SVVSD Blended Learning

What is SVVSD Blended Learning?
  • A blend between classroom best practices and integrated online content

  • Student Centered

  • Teacher can adapt blended models to best fit classroom needs/practices:

    • Many different models: Station Rotation, Flipped or a blend of both

    • Looks a little different in each content, grade level, etc

  • Key Components: Online Formative Assessment, High Quality online content(built in Schoology), differentiated small group instruction/station rotation, best practice instructional strategies

  • Inquiry based learning( Design Challenge, PBL) easily melds into model to create a more student centered classroom- but is not integral?

  • Student has more control of pace, place, path and time of learning

What blended learning is not?
  • A program driven by an online computer software( core instruction)

  • whole group instruction through online videos

  • learning through web resources/apps- not integrated in core instruction

  • online learning- MOOCS, elearning courses, ect.