SVVSD online credit recovery seems to be helping improve graduation rates

Note: Originally published in February 2012

Failing a class no longer means a student has to spend summer mornings in a classroom, slogging through lessons he learned to get to what he needs to know.

Credit recovery -- repeating a class to earn a passing grade -- is now available online or during the school year. And those options, educators believe, are increasing the number of students who graduate from high school in the St. Vrain Valley School District.

From 2009 to 2011, Skyline's graduation rate increased 4.2 percentage points. The district's graduation rate also increased 4.2 percentage points in that time, according to statistics from the school district.

"It really helps out with our graduation rate," said Lulu Buck, dean of students at Skyline High School.

Skyline offers online credit recovery, or e-credit recovery, during the school day and after school. About 100 students are making up credits, with about half taking online classes after school. E-credit classes cost $160 each and regular recovery classes cost $80 each, which the students must pay.

Those programs are more effective than summer school, because most students don't follow through with summer school, Buck said.

Kody Ramsaur, a junior at Skyline, is making up his U.S. Government class because he didn't turn in the big assignments, which were a large part of his grade, he said.

Without e-credit recovery, he would have to attend summer school.

"I probably wouldn't even last 3 seconds in there," Ramsaur said.

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